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[The first thing that registers fully in Yuto's mind is confusion. Confusion at the pain in his chest that prompted him to breathe. Confusion that he could breathe. Confusion at the strange stiffness he feels, confusion at the fact that he can register he's in a body again.

But mostly, confusion over how he's alive.

The soft chiming of the clock sounds fuzzy, matching the state of his sight as it slowly clears itself up. The smell of antiseptic and the look of the room is enough to make it clear he's in some kind of medical bay, but... where? How?

He barely registers the computer as it chirps at him, reads out some information charts it has -- on him? He can't tell -- as he grasps at the metal bar by the bed to pull himself up. His body is... sluggish. The fog in his mind is clearing up some, but it's difficult to actually move, as if there's some major disconnect between the two of them.

The computer chirps at him again, and this time he listens. He still can't make out most of what it says, but he does make out something about being in an academy. Academia? -- but no, even his foggy mind realizes that it can't be that. Academia would never revive him like this even if they could -- and if he was brought back by someone else and then captured, he'd be in a card, not in a bed.

Or at the very least, he'd be restrained.

Shakily, Yuto goes for the door. He feels too vulnerable in here -- if this is a place of enemies, then the medical bay is too obvious a place to be. And if not... then he can find someone to help him and explain what the hell is going on.

Down the hallway he goes, keeping his hands firmly against the wall to support his shaking form. This is going to take a while...]


Jun. 17th, 2015 04:02 am
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--llo? Hello? Ah, there we go...

[The screech of the intercom is all too loud in everyone's heads.]

Ahem... good morning, students! Welcome back to Duel Academy. I know that none of you will remember your previous time here, but we're happy to have you again all the same. In fact, we've improved things for you!

We have gone the extra mile to add some constructs to help your way of life -- the cafeteria is now stocked with cooks and you can request anything from them. As well, we added a gym in case running around the grounds is not enough for you.

Finally, we have another two new students with us now!

The first seems to be a bit disorientated and hurt, so please do take care with him. His name was... oh, what was it... something about debauchery, I think?

...well. I'm sure he'll tell you if you ask.

The second new student can be a bit excitable, so please do handle him with care. We've at least altered his duel disk for your safety, but he's still a bit overeager.

Work hard today!
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[Later in the afternoon, no matter where they are, all the duelists on the island will find a little Monokuriboh coming up to them, all saying the same message.]

We know that you've been feeling a bit trapped and unhappy, so we've decided to try and cheer you up a little. We've all come together to gather a bunch of presents for you in the hopes that they can lift your spirits a little, along with a game you can play to earn them. Of course, knowing that it can be hard for you to relax a little -- Mr. Kurosaki -- and that you would rather avoid any sort of gathering -- Mr. Kurosaki -- we've decided to try to give a little motivation.

One of the presents -- just one -- is a detailed explanation of how you can get home. You will have to earn it like the rest, but the chance is there. If you want to participate, then please come to the arena within the next twenty minutes. Thank you.
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[Those who pass by the main room of the dorm today might hear what sounds like a cat being murdered, or some sort of elephant in pain. Investigation, however, shows that it isn't an animal in distress, but that dork with the red jacket flopped over the couch and snoring loudly.

Winged Kuriboh is sitting on the top of the couch, just shaking its head a bit like it's all too used to the noise and giving a chittered sigh.

It doesn't look like he plans to wake up anytime soon...]
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[backdated to shortly after the intro]

[Yuzu is exploring! From top to bottom of the building, she's checking out what they have. There seem to be cameras all over the place. If Monokuriboh can be believed, they're probably so they can monitor all the duels. But... it's a creepy feeling. She doesn't like it.

Most of the rooms besides the dorms don't catch her interest, but then she locates a control room of sorts. Venturing in, she leaves the door open and sits down.]

What's this computer for? Action Duels...?

[She decides to mess with it a bit. Yuzu is really bad with computers though, so she kind of just pushes all the buttons randomly. Hopefully nothing blows up.]

[Anytime afterwards]

[Time to throw in the towel! Yuzu leans her back on the outside of the dorm building and sighs.]
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[Well, this worked out well.

After sleeping the night away in the dorm (and man, were those rooms fancy), Karasu had decided to explore the main building a bit more. One of the large "stalls" she'd come across had caught her interest, and she decided to take a look... and was immediately glad she did, considering what she had found.

By now, the cards she's dug up are all over the place, sitting in the cases in groups or on top of the counter, even as she organizes and sets it up, making sure that as many of them get out or put somewhere that the other duelists have access to them as possible.]

They weren't kidding when they said everything we'd need!
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[Maybe it was as simple as you having gone to bed naturally. Maybe it was being knocked out in a duel, or maybe it was something else...

But whenever you do wake up, you find yourself in a weird building you've certainly never seen before. It seems to be some sort of corporation, but you can't find anyone actually here. The only thing you find are empty offices, empty stall fronts, empty everything, all the doors locked, all the windows unbreakable... and a bunch of signs trying to urge you to follow them down further into the building.

When you finally follow them, you find yourself stepping onto the bottom floor of a large, glass-roof amphitheater, with a large pedestal in the middle on what is clearly a dueling arena. And sitting on top of that pedestal...

Is some sort of odd Kuriboh.]

Ah, good morning. It's nice to see you awake.

[The voice that issues from the Kuriboh has the tell-tale static of a speaker -- someone else is clearly speaking from through this "doll".]

I'm sure you're very confused... so let me explain. You are very far in the future, at present, compared to your actual timelines. We have brought you here out of necessity. You see...

In this time, duelists are all but completely gone. So in an effort to try to understand why, and to hopefully make more, we have gathered all of you to this island to examine everything about you. This is the main building, where you can find anything and everything you might need -- once the doors are unlocked, you'll be able to find the actual dorms for you to live in just a short distance away, stocked with everything you need to actually live.

If you need anything else... of course, you can just ask for it! After all, you're here to help us out...

[And with that, the Kuriboh falls silent, tilting its head and looking at those assembled expectantly.]
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